Symbia Therapy


We believe you should have access to the tools that help you achieve your fitness goals. That’s why we created Rotor X; a massage tool designed to deliver your best performance.

Product features

100KG+ of
Targeted Pressure

Deep tissue access

Superior adjustability


Rollers designed
with purpose

How to


With the logo plate facing towards you, twist the ratchet handles outwards to create space between the rollers. Put your limb in between the rollers with the application roller on the target muscle - it’s that easy!


Give yourself some room for dexterity by using your thumbs to twist the locking caps inwards to lock the handles in place.


Find your pain points and let loose. Move the Rotor X to create shear in your tissue and hone in on any pain responses.

"I have got just about every rehab tool you can think of, but none compare to the Rotor X, it's been helpful in getting me back on the field after numerous injuries and I barely go a day without using it now!"

Marcus Adams – Brisbane Lions AFL Club, Player

"The Rotor X is an innovative body management device that allows you do add another level of effectiveness to your athletic preparation, recovery and performance. It’s an awesome tool to travel with and use pre, during or post activity."

Dirk Spits – Brisbane Lions AFL Club, High Performance Co-ordinator

"Rotor X is the easiest and most-effective massage device that I have used. It is my go-to tool for after training sessions, before games, and during recovery. Since I started using it, I have noticed a considerable decrease in the soft tissue injuries that used to cause me grief."

Andrew Ready - Former Reds and Western Force Rugby Union Club, Player

"From my experience as a physiotherapist working with athletes in a variety of sports, I can say that there are no other tools in the market that create targeted pressure like the Rotor X. The athletes all love the double-roller design and they find that using the Rotor X makes a considerable difference to their pain points."

Lindsay Trigar - Physiotherapist for the Queensland Bulls, Brisbane Broncos and QAS Rugby League