Our Tribe

We were founded to empower people to perform at their best. Every athlete and fitness-enthusiast are on a journey. Our goal is to support them by creating innovative products that deliver real performance outcomes.

Our Story

Symbia Therapy was born out of a passion for helping people feel their best, so they can perform at their best.

With the sports product market saturated with gimmicky tools that have no real therapeutic benefits, we decided to create a physio-grade device designed to make a positive impact on the exercise regimes of all fitness-enthusiasts. Our products have been tried, tested and adopted by world-class athletes, as it allows them to put in the work to master their craft without being held back by niggling injuries. 

Rotor X has helped numerous customers break free from aches and pains and realise their movement potential; we want to help you realise yours!

Meaning of Symbia

Sym - Symbiotic, a mutually beneficial relationship.

Bia - Greek goddess personifying force, energy and power.

It takes a team to innovate

The inventor: Paul Nash – A renowned Australian physical therapist who used his extensive knowledge and experience from working with athletes to develop the Rotor X.

Product design team: Clandestine - A new product development and innovation studio based in Brisbane that works with start-ups and corporations worldwide.

Product development team: Global Sourcing Services – A world-class product development and sourcing team, comprised of engineers, project management experts, and procurement professionals.