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Unlock transformative massage benefits that were previously only available through costly physio treatments. Using feedback from professional athletes and physiotherapists, the Rotor X is designed to help you recover quicker and perform at your best. Whether you're an athlete or someone experiencing muscle pain, it can help you reach your goals. Take control of your therapy with Rotor X.



100KG+ of targeted pressure

The Rotor X takes foam rolling to a whole new level.

Sit back, relax and ratchet on a whopping 100kg of targeted pressure to muscles that you'd normally have to roll all over the floor to reach. Say goodbye to awkward, uncomfortable rolling and enjoy the benefits of consistent, targeted pressure with Rotor X.


Next-generation massage therapy

Revolutionise your massage therapy routine with the Rotor X - the next-generation solution that sets a new standard in the market. 

Developed with input from pro athletes and physical therapists, this one-of-a-kind tool puts you in control of your own therapy. 

Melt away your muscle knots and fascia adhesions. Unlock the transformative benefits of soft tissue massage with the Rotor X.


Superior build quality

The Rotor X is tough. So tough, that we drove over it in our Ute and it still came out on top.

Constructed of some of the highest quality components on the market, when you get it in your hands you’ll feel the value it offers to your muscles.


Save on trips to the physio

We know that trips to the physio add up, so we created the Rotor X with the aim of delivering the ultimate massage experience that is also kind to your bank balance.

Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of regular physio appointments and hello to the convenience and affordability of the Rotor X.


Inspired by athletes, designed for everyone

The Rotor X was inspired by some of Australia's leading athletes and physiotherapists, and designed with everyone in mind. 

Whether you're a performance athlete, have a demanding job, or simply struggle with day-to-day tasks, the Rotor X can provide the muscle relief you've been searching for. 

Its true purpose is to help you in your daily life, so you can feel your best. Don't let muscle pain hold you back - experience the transformative power of the Rotor X.

In the box

Rotor X frame

Application roller

Hamstring applicator (learn more in the hamstrings video on our 'How To' page)

Support roller

Nested rollers

Premium neoprene carry bag

How it works