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Developed using feedback from professional athletes and physiotherapists, the Rotor X is designed to keep you in performance mode. Its transformative technology relieves tension and enhances muscle function so that you can recover quickly, feel stronger and perform at your best. That’s the power of our roller.



100KG+ of targeted pressure

The Rotor X takes foam rolling to a whole new level. The Rotor X achieves compression unlike any other tool on the market through its ratchet mechanism, which can create up to a whopping 100kg of pressure. 

Simply twist the handles inwards or outwards to adjust the compression level and once the desired force is achieved, the locking feature can be activated for hands-free compression. Your hands can then manipulate the Rotor X to create shear in the tissue and relieve all that tension.


Deep tissue access

Are you ready for the ultimate massage? The Rotor X is designed to access deep tissue to target pain points and relieve muscle tension. The unparalleled double-roller design paired with the supercharged twist rachet generates pressure that can be used to create shear in the muscle tissue. The ribbed application roller can be used to provide a general massage, target pain points, or access those hard-to-reach places. 

Your deep tissues won’t know what’s hit them!


Superior adjustability

The Rotor X is modular, so you can make it your own by adjusting it to your needs. The supercharged twist handles allow you to open and close the space between the rollers and can be adjusted to be parallel or on an angle. For further adjustability, you can make use of the smaller, inner rollers. The inner rollers are nested inside the support and application rollers, which can be removed to allow a larger space for your limbs or a different application. There is also a lower mounting position that the lower bar can be clipped into, to further increase the space.



The Rotor X can be used to relieve tension and enhance the muscle function of your quads, hamstrings, calves, forearms, biceps, and triceps. It can be adjusted to different modes to suit the target muscle group. No matter what you love to do, whether it’s running, cycling, swimming, playing tennis, playing rugby, or dancing, the Rotor X can help you achieve your performance goals.


Rollers designed with purpose

Underpinned by therapeutic knowledge, the Rotor X has been thoughtfully designed to achieve real benefits. The rollers are made from hypoallergenic EVA foam in various shapes and densities. The application roller is made of a higher-density ribbed foam that provides targeted pressure to the muscle. The support roller is made of a softer-density smooth foam that acts as an opposing force to the application roller. This unique opposing force means that the application roller can create shear in the muscle tissue for unrivalled recovery and performance outcomes. You can learn more about how to get the most out of your Rotor X in our instruction videos.

In the box

Rotor X frame

Application roller

Hamstring applicator (learn more in the hamstrings video on our 'How To' page)

Support roller

Nested rollers

Premium neoprene carry bag

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